петък, 27 януари 2012 г.

Peep Hen

Интересна американска микрояхта, серийно производство. Илюстрирано описание, навеждащо към размисли и идеи – на английски език. Размери 3.70х1.90 метра.

LOA: 14′ 2″
LWL: 13′ 3″
Beam: 6’4″
Draft (board up): 9″
Draft (board down): 3′
Weight: 650lbs
Ballast: 200lbs
Sail area: 115 ft/sq
Capacity: 4 adults
Auxilliary power: 2-4HP
(Note: While the centerboard will draw 3′ when fully down, it is not intended to be lowered more than 6″, and only when beating to the wind. In the fully lowered position it’s not really supported by the keel. Normally it would only be lowered that far for repair, or to replace the pennant.)

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